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Dear Friend of Christ Church of Orlando,

Hurricane Irma left an impact on Florida that has never been seen before and the devastation will likely be felt for years to come. There are many immediate needs throughout the state. While many of us are still hurting from this storm and have needs here in central Florida, thankfully, we have stores. Although, they are not fully stocked, we have access to fill our needs while many in other areas do not. In fact, many do not have houses to come home to or continued access to basic survival items. 


At present, we are coordinating with Jerry Mace with the Church of God (Sun City Center) and Pastor Kevin Harris at Cooper City Church, who are coordinating distribution for churches and individuals throughout South Florida. They have access to the individuals most in need and can get donations to the right places, particularly in the Chokoloskee, FL (Alligator Alley) area who have lost everything. Because we are centrally located, we are also coordinating donations from individuals and churches in northern states. We are being very diligent in making sure that we are coordinating with the right authorities in getting aid where it is most needed. 


As we understand right now, these are the immediate needs of our friends.  Keep in mind that these needs are constantly changing.


• Batteries 

• Bug spray 

• Baby wipes 

• Bleach 

• Buckets, sponges, brushes 

• Bottled water 

• Fans (battery-operated) 

• Non-perishable food- beans, rice, pasta, canned goods 

• Garbage bags (big lawn and leaf type bags) 

• Gloves (thick rubber gloves and work gloves) 

• Charcoal grills

• Charcoal 

• Matches/lighters 

• Insulated Coolers 

• Gas cards (big need) 

• Gas cans 

• Propane tanks (full) 

• Plywood 

• Toiletries 

• Rubber boots 

• Tents 

• Tarps 






Click here for a direct link to www.CrisisCleanup.org

Crisis Cleanup coordinates projects for cleanup as well as volunteers!
So if you need help or want to help, Crisis Cleanup is a great place to look.


For more information on all of our Disaster Response projects
contact Stephanie by clicking here. 



We are partnering with various organizations to send personnel and much needed resources into the areas affected by this horrible disaster. You can also help by donating. All the funds that you donate through Christ Church of Orlando will be used for those in need.

Click here to donate.

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