What is Journey?

The Journey Program is designed to fulfill the relevant needs in your life. 

Journey facilitates “Life Enrichment Studies” that range from biblical foundation and spiritual growth to practical “How-To” classes including: Art, Computer, Foreign Language, Cooking, Finance Management, Relationship and Family, and much more.  The emphasis is on “life”; it is all about the Journey, not a destination to be completed.   Everyday we all face many hazards and pitfalls; the Journey Program is designed not only to navigate you through these things but enrich your life and the lives of others with relevant teaching, and travel companions to help and encourage you along the way. 


You are the catalyst that ultimately makes your Journey a greater one. Along the road of life you occasionally need a pit stop, a way to refuel and reignite the passions in your life.  The number one passion is Jesus Christ, but we have other relevant needs that should be met including:  knowledge, encouragement, fellowship and even fun! All of these are an integral part of our Journey through life.  We are not complete unless we have fuel from many areas.  We need the basics: food, water, air, shelter; we also need relationships, friends, family, and fun to feel we are making the most of our Journey. 

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