"We Care" (Community Service Initiative)

"WE CARE" - Community Service Initiative
As a part of the landscape of the Orlando community, we want to be more than just another building. We want to move out from these walls and into the streets and serve the greater needs of the Orlando community.  We have developed the "We Care" Project as our vehicle to serve Orlando.

What is the "We Care" Project?
The "We Care" Project is an opportunity for individuals from Christ Church of Orlando to get involved in community service. Rather than duplicating efforts, we've formed strategic partnerships with several non-profit organizations that focus on meeting specific needs in Orlando.

How does the "We Care" Project work?
In May and June, we present all of the volunteer projects that are available through our church and we encourage everyone to get involved in at least one. It's a chance to connect at a whole new level with others from our church while serving together in the city.  There is also opportunities to serve with our partners on an ongoing basis.

Click here for the list of our community partners.

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Clean The World

Feeding Children Everywhere

New Missions
Nathaniel's Hope

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