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Let Us Adore Him - Week 3
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Pastor Paul Valo
During this Christmas season, regardless of how secular the world has become, we should be looking for the Hope of the world and seeing the signs of Him everywhere.
O Come Let Us Adore Him

Society misses the point of Christmas. They try to make it about presents and Santa and trees, but in reality, there is no Christmas without Jesus. However, they can’t help but miss this because they don’t know Him; they don’t know to look for Him in the celebration of the season. As believers we basically have 2 choices, we can complain about the people who don’t get it, or we can turn our attention to Jesus, the real reason for the season. It shouldn’t deter us from getting it right even when all around us people are getting it wrong. All around us a celebration of God’s love for us is happening and we should be rejoicing!! Christ will shine through us if we experience Him during the Christmas season. Our job is to redirect the light!

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